Welcome! Thank you for coming to our web site. My wife and partner, Jerra, and I have selected images that we think you will enjoy. We, like many photographers have an interest in things pleasing to the eye. Whether it is a beautiful smile, a breathtaking sunset, a stunning portrait, or the spirit of an incredible sports play. We have been passionate about photography for many years. And it seems the more you look, the more you see, and the more magic seems to happen. We, like many other photographers, are always searching for the essence of the moment in a world that is constantly changing. It is our goal to share the beauty of the world in a very different way. From time to time there will be additions made to our site, so please feel free to visit often. If you see an image that you would like to know more about, please give us a call 361-935-2785 or contact us. All images may be purchased and are offered in several sizes. Commissioned work is also available. We hope you will enjoy your stay and come back and visit often.

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