Words of Encouragement From the Readers

Dec 18, 2012

I know I said I wouldn't inundate you with these emails but I received so many emails about the last "Words of Encouragement" that I thought you might be interested in the different slants on this that were emailed to me. Some of these are kind of in the same mode that I was thinking but then there are some ideas that I never had an inkling about that might give someone a helpful idea. In the beginning I wanted to share things that I see as I go through life that are interesting and put life in a different light that hopefully takes us to a different level of thinking and living. Check these out and see what you think. I am always curious to know about different slants on things that we all could benefit from with that knowledge.

You bet it resonates with me....that's why I'm still busy gardening, volunteering, teaching and doing dentistry...and why I'm so glad our paths crossed so many years ago. Kudos to you on all accounts! Keep burning like a meteor and clicking that camera.
Love, Linda W.

First of all I love the 5 red chairs in contrast to the green grass. If I passed by there I would wonder who would fill them and when and would there be a performance? Why are the chairs there? Will they be pulled into a circle when the people arrive to occupy them? Who can join? Is it by invitation only? Maybe the new family wants to make friends and this is an invitation to anyone who wants to be their friend. I hope you find out the answers and let me know.

On our way to McKinney to spend Mother's Day week-end with Todd and his family I sorted through a large sack of greeting cards I'd received over the years. Occasionally I would tell Tommy something about one I had come upon or read something one of the children had written on their card or I'd comment that the sender had since died. There were too many of those.

Yes, we need to take the time to be with all those we love and let them know what they mean to us. You never know when it will be the last time. Thanks for the reminder. I have fond memories of you and the times we spent walking late evenings and early mornings when both of our lives were something different than they are now.

Blessings to you and yours,
Judy M.

Buddy next time you go pass
These red chairs just go sit
A spell and see what happen
Maybe they will come out and visit
With you, than you would have
A new friend to fill the void of the one
No longer here. Peggy H.

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